J Crew Credit Card

J Crew is for the hipster type who loves to be fashionable without making their fashion become such a huge expense. This is why they have also the J Crew Credit Card to assist with making sure that fashion stays affordable for all of its customers. They are calling it their way of shopping with benefits and the J Crew Credit Card definitely offers some pretty interesting incentives to those serious shoppers who love getting their rewards as they spend. When you can get money back for every $500 spent, that's definitely something that. If you are a frequent shopper of J Crew you would need to take a look at as far as getting the J Crew Credit Card. Making money while you spend money is always a great mathematical equation no matter how you slice it.

For shoppers who are always finding items in the store that don't exactly fit their body type they have something for you as well. The cool thing with this card has is that it will gain you the perk of being able to have free alterations to your garments so that you can make sure your clothes not only look great but look great on you as well. The 10% off that they offer when you first sign up is okay, but most people love the J Crew Credit Card for all of the other benefits that are offered. Such as a personal stylist that will even open the store early just for you or even stay open later to make sure you are looking good and getting the clothing you desire.


J Crew definitely sets itself apart with the extra offering they have for its members. They really roll out the red carpet so to speak in being able to make their card members feel like they are a top priority. However, we must say, their APR is very steep especially for this type of card. We suppose that this is how they manage to pay for your stylist and other perks you receive. Being a responsible shopper and paying your bills in full and on time will keep you away from hurting as far as the APR is concerned. We know that being mindful of spending for most shoppers is a difficult task to ask for, but it will really benefit you with the J Crew Credit Card if you are able to keep a handle on making payments.

If making timely payments is a problem for you, you really need to think about whether to become a member of the J Crew Credit Card holder club. If it’s better for you not to have a card than to have a huge debt then maybe you will be better with just shopping J Crew without all of the perks. But because the perks are so nice, we are sure that many of you would go ahead and jump on the chance to have a J Crew Credit Card. In light of the great perks, we couldn't blame you if you decided to go after this cool J Crew Credit Card no matter what.